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State Mask Mandate Is Lifted in Nevada Ahead of Super Bowl Weekend

Governor Sisolak announced this morning that he would lift the statewide mask mandate, effective immediately

A landscape view of Las Vegas with the Stratosphere hotel in the center
A landscape view of Las Vegas.
George Rose/Getty Images

Governor Steve Sisolak announced on Thursday morning, February 10, that the statewide mask mandate for indoor public settings would be lifted in Nevada, effective immediately.

“Masks will no longer be required in public places, but there are still some locations where you may be asked to wear a mask,” Sisolak said. The announcement comes ahead of the busy Super Bowl weekend, when fans are expected to crowd the city.

Businesses will be able to institute their own rules around masking, but the state will no longer require them in businesses like grocery stores, restaurants, and casinos, regardless of vaccination status.

The removal of the state’s mask mandate is in keeping with several other states that have recently rescinded mask mandates, citing what they believe to be the end of the Omicron surge. Sisolak quoted the daily average number of new cases in Nevada at around 1,280 today. The highest number of new cases during the Omicron surge was recorded on January 10th, with more than 7,800 new cases.

Sisolak noted that this change does not affect airports, planes, or public buses, all of which still fall under a federal mask mandate. The CDC still recommends wearing a mask indoors in public if you’re in an area with high transmission. In his address, Governor Sisolak asked people to “Please be as considerate and as kind as you can possibly be to people that are still choosing to exercise their right to wear a mask.”