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Doughnuts filled with chocolate cream and cream and strawberries.
Milk cream doughnuts at Gäbi Boutique Donut & Pastry
Gäbi Boutique Donut & Pastry

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Gäbi Takes Its Milk Cream Doughnuts, Breakfast Sandwiches, and Croffles to a New Cafe

Gäbi Boutique Donut & Pastry is opening a new location in the Inspirada neighborhood

Janna Karel is the Editor for Eater Vegas.

With its mochi doughnuts, croissant-waffle hybrids, and doughnut breakfast sandwiches, Gäbi Boutique Donut & Pastry is expanding to the Inspirada area of Henderson, with plans to open in April of 2023. The new doughnut and coffee shop will offer the same menu as its other Henderson location at 136 North Stephanie Street, with artfully designed treats filled with scratch-made cream fillings and fruit competes.

Waffles with whipped cream, sugar, and bacon pieces.
Maple bacon croffles
Gäbi Boutique Donut & Pastry

“Inspirada is sparse. The neighborhoods are huge but there’s nothing there,” says Greg Kim, the executive chef for Gäbi Boutique. “We have people asking where we’re opening a location over there, there’s a lot of buzz for that location.” Kim says he saw a surge of attention after a string of local influencers visited, including TikTok creator, Keith Lee, who posted three videos for his more than ten million followers to watch. “It definitely drove a lot of business. We always wanted four to five boutiques in Vegas but the increase in demand pushed us to open in Inspirada faster,” says Kim.

The new Gäbi will be around 1,200 to 1,500 square feet and have a covered patio with room for 15 or 20 tables. Inside, the cafe will have risers, like those found at Gäbi Coffee (5808 Spring Mountain Rd #104) in Chinatown, that encourage customers to slip off their shoes and sit cross-legged at floor cushions and low tables.

Breakfast sandwiches on doughnuts with egg, sausage, and arugala.
Breakfast sandwiches
Gäbi Boutique Donut & Pastry

Kim says Inspirada’s Gäbi will serve all its new menu items, like Korean-style milk creams — yeasted doughnuts cut in half and filled with sweet mascarpone cream and chocolate or strawberry compote. The croffles are made with croissant dough rolled in raw sugar and cooked in a waffle maker, so the outside caramelizes. They’re topped with berries and cream or bacon and maple syrup. Doughnut sandwiches are savory, filled with eggs, bacon, and sausage with panko breading, arugula, and sauce.

Doughnuts at Gäbi Boutique Donut & Pastry Gäbi Boutique Donut & Pastry

Gäbi Boutique Donut & Pastry will open at 2340 Via Inspirada in April.

Gäbi Boutique Donut & Pastry

2340 Via Inspirada, , NV 89044 (702) 583-5888 Visit Website
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