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With Rib-Eye Adobo, Oming’s Kitchen Expands to East Las Vegas

From its start as a food truck, Oming’s Kitchen is opening a second restaurant

A close-up view of shaved rib-eye adobo.
Rib-eye adobo
Oming’s Kitchen
Janna Karel is the Editor for Eater Vegas.

What started as a popular food truck often present at Las Vegas events and festivals is evolving into a local chain for reliably great Filipino food. In March, Salome “Oming” Pilas will open the third brick-and-mortar location of her popular restaurant and food truck, Oming’s Kitchen, in east Las Vegas.

Oming’s Kitchen
Oming’s Kitchen

With locations at 5180 Blue Diamond Rd and another inside Allegiant Stadium, Pilas is debuting a third location at 2232 South Nellis Boulevard with a grand opening event on March 20. Pilas started serving a tight selection of lumpia, pork belly, and chicken out of her food truck eight years ago. In 2019, she opened her first brick-and-mortar. “We opened just before the pandemic, so we got a lot of support from locals who wanted to support local business. We thrived and we’ve been thriving,” says Pilas. “The menu expanded during the pandemic because 90 percent of our clients used to be non-Filipinos. Then we got requests to make more Filipino food like adobos and we really captured that community.”

Pilas says her shaved ribeye with a vinegary soy-based marinade is currently her most popular item. She likens it to the adobo made at the Japanese fast food chain, Yoshinoya. “The Philipines is so big, they have 7,000 islands and each one has a version of adobo. This is my version,” says Pilas. Like the Blue Diamond location, Oming’s near Sahara Avenue and Nellis Boulevard will occupy about 1,800 square feet and serve Pilas’ Filipino dishes like savory pork hash sisig, crispy fried lumpia, and pancit fried noodles. For the opening week, Oming’s will offer a specialty roasted pork belly. Oming’s Kitchen opens at 2232 South Nellis Boulevard on March 20.

Oming's Kitchen

5180 Blue Diamond Road, Las Vegas, NV