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The Owner of Rebar Is Working on a Massive New Steakhouse

Derek Stonebarger shares details on Arty’s Steakhouse in the Historic Commercial District

Temporary wall in front of building with hand-painted words that say “Arty’s Steakhouse from the creators of Rebar.”
Exterior of Arty’s Steakhouse.
Arty’s Steakhouse

The person who’s the brains behind Rebar and Davy’s in Downtown Las Vegas has major plans to bring a blown-up version of his eclectic gallery, bar, and restaurant to the Historic Commercial Center District.

“It’s like Rebar on steroids,” says owner and art collector Derek Stonebarger, who aims to open Arty’s Steakhouse — the biggest project he’s ever done — before the end of the year.

Stonebarger aims to create a 24-hour steakhouse-meets-gallery-meets-bar in a 9,000 square-foot venue with 30-foot ceilings, where chef Pedro Estela (the chef from Davy’s) can flex his culinary talents and local artists can sell their work.

“It is an epic space, and it will be a game changer for the area and for the Las Vegas art community,” he says. “Years ago, I felt like downtown had a strong future in Las Vegas, and I feel like that’s going to happen again at Commercial Center. It’s basically what I’m banking on.”

A colorful collection of various works of art including a spray painted couch, a cowboy statue, and frames sitting along a light blue wall.
Arty’s interior art pieces.
Arty’s Steakhouse

The former Cue Club space will be completely reimagined with a bar ledge built off the old billiards club’s handrails that wraps around the majority of the room. Plans also include two full bars (one that will serve locally-based Vesta coffee in the mornings and the other one with gaming), artist galleries, a private dining area, and a small stage for live entertainment. A few traditional tables and booths will be available, but roughly 200 of the 295 seats will be bar seats — a place designed to allow solo diners to feel just as comfortable as groups. “This is really a steak bar,” he says.

In addition to a rotating selection of quality meat from the same providers who sell to the city’s top restaurants, the adults-only venue will have a large selection of liquor and a heavy emphasis on beer. Estala will make “classic steakhouse fare with some twists like steak fried rice,” and all of the sides will be vegetarian. Stonebarger wants to keep prices affordable — around $50 per person for a steak, side dish, and cocktail — with hopes that customers will have money left over to buy some art.

Just as his other venues have paved the way for many new businesses to open downtown in recent years, Arty’s Steakhouse is poised to do the same for the 1960s landmark shopping area. Stonebarger says, “It’s all about the community, it’s all about art, it’s all about value, and it’s all about helping to restore that unique piece of Las Vegas at the Historic Commercial District.”


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