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Year in Eater

Las Vegas Dining Pros Talk About the Changes Restaurants Made to Help the Community

Eater Vegas Writer Friends Make Headline Predictions for 2022 in Las Vegas

Friends of Eater Pick 2021’s Best Dining Neighborhoods Across Las Vegas

Las Vegas Dining Experts Share the Restaurants They Can’t Wait to Try in 2022

Dining Pros Remember the Saddest Restaurant Closings in Las Vegas in 2021

Friends of Eater Share Their Favorite Meal of the Year in Las Vegas

Where Las Vegas Food Writers Loved to Dine in 2021

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A Look Back at the Year in Eater Vegas, 2020

How Las Vegas dined and what 2021 reveals

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How 2020 Became the Year of the Ghost Kitchen in Las Vegas

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The 25 Most Important Restaurant Openings in Las Vegas in 2020

The year brought new steakhouses, a lot of Mexican food, tacos, and plenty of casual options

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25 Big Restaurant Openings That Didn’t Happen in Las Vegas in 2020

Could they open in 2021?

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Eater Vegas Friends Make Headline Predictions for 2021

Las Vegas Food Writers Contemplate How the City’s Restaurant Industry Can Rebuild

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Las Vegas Dining Pros Talk About Their Hopes for the Restaurant Industry in 2021

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Friends of Eater Share Changes That Las Vegas Restaurants Made That Should Continue in 2021

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Dining Experts Talk About Las Vegas Restaurants That Helped the Community in 2020